I have been really lucky the past two days as the fledgling Eastern Bluebirds have been hanging out in trees right by our driveway. I get some great evening light on them being fed and that means lots of photo ops. I did have a bit of a scare yesterday while photographing them though. Someone has either released 2 English Bulldogs, or they escaped without their collars, in our woods. I was out photographing and when they saw me, they became extremely aggressive charging me while barking and growling. They have been wandering for 2 days now. I’ve never had a bear charge me, but we do keep bear spray up here for instances like this. I hope if they can catch these 2 they find out who the owner is/was and release that person in the middle of a swamp to fend for themselves.

Tamron SP 150-600mm Di VC USD G2 lens on a Nikon D-500, Manual Exposure mode, f8, ISO 320, shutter speed of 1/250th of a second, Sirui P424S monopod, processed in Lightroom Classic CC. #WithMyTamron#Tamron#TamronUSA#TamronLensesUSA#TamronImageMaster#tamron150600g2#Sirui#SiruiUSA#BirdPhotography#BirdNirdvana#BearWoodsWildlifeSanctuary#BearWoodsPhotography

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