The Saddleback Caterpillar

The Saddleback Caterpillar.
I had discovered the presence of several Saddleback Caterpillars on a plant on the front porch the other day and wanted to photograph them, but the wind did not cooperate. So after my birding session yesterday I brought the whole plant into the garage and put it on a table to photograph them. The Saddleback is part of a family of “slug” since they move more like slugs vs caterpillars on feet. They have venomous spines on their bodies and will cause much pain if touched. They are really beautiful, but you can see they mean business with their protective outer spines. They will eventually become a fairly dull looking brown moth. One of the caterpillars has already enclosed itself in a cocoon and I will have to see when it will emerge, they don’t have the beautiful cocoons like some butterflies, instead have a hard cocoon surrounded by silk webbing. They are less than 1 inch in length as caterpillars and are more of a medical pest than a pest to plants.
For the birding part of my day, I saw my first Red-breasted Grosbeak of the fall yesterday, and a Baltimore Oriole also came by for a visit. No great photographic opportunities though, maybe today…
Tamron SP 180mm Di 1:1 Macro lens on a Nikon D-500, Manual Exposure mode, f36, ISO 400, shutter speed of 2 seconds, Sirui W2204X tripod and K20X ballhead, processed in Lightroom Classic CC. #WithMyTamron, #TamronUSA, #TamronLensesUSA, #TamronUSAMagazine, #TamronImageMaster, #Sirui, #SiruiUSA, #SiruiImaging, #SiruiProfessional, #BearWoodsWildlifeSanctuary

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