The Love of a Dog

The Love of a Dog.
This past week would have been the 13th Birthday for my two Golden Retrievers, but both had passed in 2016. It was a tough year for us and there is still those empty spaces in our hearts that our girls filled. It is hard for some folks to understand this, but I hope this will help, and the story behind this image will help even more.
Lily entered our lives in our my mid 40’s and from day one with her things were different. From the first time she and I met, she touched a part of me that I didn’t know existed really. I never raised children from birth and holding this tiny furry dog who was completely dependent on us was the closest thing for me. I literally slept on the floor for a few weeks to get her used to our home. Sounds crazy, but she slept in her crate when we weren’t home even without us having a door on it. She made a couple “mistakes”, one or two, in the house but was never punished, we just learned together where the right place to “go” was. I learned forgiveness and how understanding went a lot farther than punishment.
Over the years Lily and then eventually Bailey, who was Lily’s half sister that we rescued a year and a half later, taught me many lessons of love, especially unconditional love, happiness and eventually dealing with grief. No matter how my day had gone, this is the face that welcomed me home. No matter what my mood, this was the face that looked at me. I was the center of her world when I was with her and that is an incredible feeling. She was sad when I would leave, joyous when I returned, even if it was nothing more than a trip to the mailbox. She was my girl, I was her person. When she passed Bailey stepped into her role of teaching me more lessons of love and life. With Bailey’s passing a huge void was created which will one day be filled when the right dog finds us. Until then my girls keep watch on me everyday. We were so incredibly lucky to have them in our lives.
My goal with this image was to try and capture the “Look” that I would see when I saw Lily. She always managed to smile, she always managed to brighten my day. She was the kindest soul I have ever met. When I looked down into those eyes I saw my soul, I saw who Lily saw, not who I am, but who I should be. I should only hope to be the man that Lily saw each and every time she looked at me.

6 Responses to “The Love of a Dog”

  1. The love of a dog is unbelievable. Each has their own personality, but rarely does one not want to love it’s person. I’ve had three Golden’s, each unique. I hope you’re able to bri g another into your lives. ❤️

  2. You obviously get it when it comes to loving a dog and visa versa. They are such amazing companions! Gorgeous portrait.

  3. Denise Sultan Says:

    fabulous memory to cherish. My computer screen saver is my Lox who passed almost 3 years ago. Her essence is with me always

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