British Columbian Wolf

British Columbian Wolf.
This is one of the varieties of wolves at Lakota Wolf Preserve, the British Columbian Wolf. I am pretty sure this one is named Tamron, believe it or not! The relationship that the Preserve and Tamron USA have developed is obvious when you visit and they have been doing workshops there for 15 years. You really should check out the opportunities they offer through local camera stores.
When I was photographing at the Preserve with the Tamron 70-210mm f4 Di VC USD lens I wanted to test the ability of the lens to give me sharp environmental images as well as tack sharp close up portraits. The lens is capable of doing 1:3.1 magnification close up images, which is a tight facial portrait and I did a few of them but I wanted a few of the beautiful details of the wolf’s face as well. This lens reacted quickly and quietly in the focusing, it is an internal zoom lens so the lens doesn’t change length as you change the zoom. This is really important and allows you to more easily control and handle the lens. The weight of the lens is only 30 ounces! It has 4 way vibration compensation so along with the weight and size it is extremely easy to handhold! This lens is perfect for shooting in situations like the Preserve.
I don’t think I could have had a more perfect shooting experience with 18 wolves around me and a great lens on my camera. Check out the Lakota Wolf Preserve and check out the photographic opportunities that Tamron offers there as well!
Tamron 70-210mm f4 Di VC USD lens on a Nikon D-500, Manual Exposure mode, f5.6, ISO 200, shutter speed of 1/500th of a second, handheld utilizing the Vibration Compensation feature of the lens, processed in Lightroom Classic CC. #WithMyTamron, #TamronUSA, #TamronLensesUSA, #TamronImageMaster, #LakotaWolfPreserve

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