The Dogwood Tree and my Youth

The Dogwood Tree and my Youth.
I have shared this image several times on Easter before, but I will share it again now. I grew up in Decatur, Georgia and was raised Catholic attending St Peter and Paul Catholic Church. Like many of the other families, we took up an entire row each Sunday with all 7 of us. I will admit, I wasn’t the best student during Sunday School or even traditional school for that matter. I do remember though some of the lessons taught to me mainly pertaining to things outdoors. I enjoyed gardening when I was a kid and even today it still remains a favorite hobby of mine. The Dogwood tree was something we learned about in Sunday School and it goes something like this:
During the days of Christ, the dogwood tree grew tall and straight. It was one of the most majestic trees around. When Christ was crucified his Cross was built from the dogwood tree. In his anger and disappointment for man crucifying his Son, God said that never again would the dogwood tree grow tall or straight again. Since those days the dogwood tree grows short and bends often so that a Cross can never be made from its wood again. Each year, around Easter, the dogwood tree blooms in the South and its flowers have 4 petals to remind us of the Cross. Each petal has a dark area to represent spikes that were nailed through Jesus’ hands and feet to attach him to the Cross. In the center the flower would resemble the Crown of Thorns that was placed on Jesus’ head. Today is the holiest of days for Christians and the dogwood tree is here to remind us of the sacrifice that was made for us. Today we celebrate eternal life, for He has risen to take a seat by his Father.
I wish all of my Christian brothers and sisters a Happy Easter!

2 Responses to “The Dogwood Tree and my Youth”

  1. I think I read that story in a Readers Digest, when I was in high school. Pretty ingrained whenever I see a dogwood tree.

  2. lilybug1960 Says:

    I used to love reading Reader’s Digest!

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