The Pandas

The Pandas.
Of all the times I have been to Zoo Atlanta, I have never been able to see one of the Panda Bears outside of the “rooms” which have glass separating you from them. The crowds at the windows were always so long, I just passed it by. However, this time, I was lucky enough to walk up when the male had gone out into an area where he was eating bamboo for about 15 minutes. My first Panda, and I didn’t even have to fly to China to see one! He entertained the few of us that wanted to see him vs the stars (the youngsters) inside. There was a man there shooting with his cell phone that made a comment that he has a real camera but it ran out of room on the card. He said it had about 2,000 photos but he needed to erase some of them before he could take more photos, but he didn’t know how to do it. So I thought it would be my good deed for the day to help him. I went through the menu system and quickly figured out how to delete individual images and after a few tries, he had it down pat. It was a good feeling to see the smile on his face when he would look at his LCD screen, knowing he captured a few nice images of a Panda. He thanked me repeatedly and then asked, “how do you know so much about cameras”? I replied “its just what I do”. As an instructor it is always nice to learn all or many of the systems that are out there so if anyone ever has an issue, hopefully you can help. Do you make extra money for doing it? Nope, you simply earn a smile, and that can be priceless.
Tamron 18-400mm Di-II VC HLD lens on a Nikon D-500, Manual Exposure mode, f8, ISO 360, shutter speed of 1/125th of a second, handheld utilizing the Vibration Compensation feature of the lens, MindShift Gear PhotoCross 13L sling bag, processed in Lightroom Classic CC. #WithMyTamron, #TamronUSA, #TamronLensesUSA, #TamronImageMaster, #MindShiftGear, #ZooAtlanta

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