Memorial Day

Memorial Day.
This is the image I have shared almost every Memorial Day since I made it in 2010. It is a follow up to yesterday’s image and message. Yesterday I isolated one marker of an Unknown Soldier, today, I show many, but still only a few who believed in making the ultimate sacrifice for the freedoms we enjoy. Today, put out an extra plate at the picnic table, put out an extra beer on the table, cook an extra hotdog or hamburger for one of the many who didn’t return. Tonight when you go to sleep, remember those who made it possible for us to sleep with peace of mind. If you have kids take them to a National Cemetery and tell them about those who made their freedoms possible. Remember today, these brave individuals who fight for your freedoms do it voluntarily. There are a lot of folks in this Country that could use a lesson in our freedoms and how they not only have been bestowed upon them, but those that have opposing views as well. We may disagree, but there were those who believed that disagreeing and discussing it was a right worth dying for. God bless those who believed in our Country enough to die trying to preserve those rights.

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