The Sirui N1204X tripod Special!

I have been using, and am a huge fan of the Sirui NX Series of tripods. I have been using the N3204X as my go tripod for use with my Gimbal Head and my Landscape images. I recently was interested in getting a smaller and lighter version of the tripod, the N1204X. I found out that Hunt’s Photo and Video had purchased all of the stock and were doing a great promo on them. This means the only place you can get it is Hunt’s! Regularly $359.99, but they are offering them at $219.99! I talked with Gary Farber and ordered mine. He asked if I would do a short review on the tripod as to what I thought about it. I knew I would be pleased with it, but I didn’t realize I would be this excited about it.

First, like all Sirui tripods it comes with a carrying case and all the tools and gear you need for the tripod. The tripod is constructed of 8 ply carbon fiber making it extremely strong while keeping it lightweight. In the image I have put on my G10KX ballhead, but any ballhead can be used, but it comes without one. The tripod folds up to 18.3 inches and can be packed with a head attached. It weighs a mere 2.4 pounds!

It will extend out to 52 inches without the using the center column and to 63 inches with the center column. It is capable of holding 26.5 pounds! I have used it with my Canon 5Diii and the Tamron SP 70-200mm f2.8 and it supports this combination very well. One leg can be removed to be used as a monopod as well! The monopod height is 61.6 inches. The tripod is shipped with an extra base for use with the monopod so you can leave the tripod head in tact.

Another great feature of the tripod is that the center column can be removed to give you the ability to go to ground level with the tripod. It is 5.5 inches when in this configuration. A cap for the reduced center column is included as well. This is great for macro photographers or wildlife photographers who want or need to go really low.

As with all Sirui tripods it comes with their 6 year warranty. I can’t say enough good about the tripod and definitely can’t say enough about the fantastic price it is being offered at. Remember, Gary has purchased all the tripods from Sirui and this is an exclusive offer from them. It is available online or by calling one of the stores. Thanks again Gary for making this available to me and other photographers at an incredible price! I know they won’t last long, so get yours today!

Here is a link to order the tripod:


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