Element Orientation in Photography

Element Orientation in Photography.
When approaching a scene one thing that every photographer perplexes over is where to place the subject. I am doing some presentations this July in Amherst, MA for the NECCC on “Designing a Landscape”, and this is one of those subjects I will cover. This is the tree in Cades Cove that probably every photographer has been at least tempted to shoot at some point. Placing it in a frame to keep the viewers interest is the key to making it successful. I have heard of a study, but have never seen it, that said since we read top to bottom and left to right in our culture, the strongest points to place a subject is either top left, or lower right. In this image I find myself preferring the image with the tree in the lower right. It could be because of the small tree on the other side of the frame that complements the larger tree or there might be something to the study. Next time you are out photographing, experiment with subject placement and see which is best for your liking.
All three images were made with the Tamron SP 24-70mm f2.8 Di VC USD lens on a Canon 5Diii, Manual Exposure mode, f16, ISO 100, shutter speed 1/30th of a second, Sirui W2204X tripod and K20X ballhead, MindShift Gear FirstLight 20L, processed in Lightroom CC. #WithMyTamron, #TamronImageMaster, #TamronLensesUSA, #SiruiUSA, #SiruiProfessional, #MindShiftGear

4 Responses to “Element Orientation in Photography”

  1. jane palmer Says:

    Interesting! I definitely don’t like it centered, and I think the reason the tree on the right side is preferred is because it’s leaning into the scene. When it’s on the left, it leads me out of the frame. I thought this looked like “the tree!!”

    • lilybug1960 Says:

      Thanks. The idea of leading out of the frame would support the idea that our eyes rest on the lower right corner. I do little experiments like this often, I will have to post more.

  2. I agree that the shot with the tree on the right looks best to me. The topics sound interesting. Can you send details?

    • lilybug1960 Says:

      My presentation will lead the photographer through the composition of an image. I will talk about everything from lens selection to camera orientation. I will be doing the lecture once a day for 3 days.

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