Father and Son


Father and Son.
At my house I have 2 “Bird Studios” where I photograph the birds regularly. One is just outside my office bathroom window, the other is off the back porch about 15 feet. I am regularly searching the woods and roadsides for new stumps and limbs that I can use to give it a fresh look. Last week I found and really nice stump from a sourwood tree that formed a “cup” at the base where it had broken. The Bluebirds love it because I can place a bunch of mealworms and they have easy access to them. I like it because it makes for a great place to photograph the birds. I was treated to Dad flying in while one of the last year’s males was feeding. I will often set up the camera on the porch, sit there with my cup of morning coffee and just wait for the action. The birds are used to me being on the porch, so they aren’t alarmed at the sight of me or the sound of the camera. If you are in the Dahlonega area, I will be doing a presentation Friday night to the North Georgia Photography Club on Bird Photography. Details are on my website under the Events tab.
Tamron SP 150-600mm Di VC USD lens on a Canon 7Dii, Manual Exposure mode, f8, ISO 800, shutter speed 1/125th of a second, Sirui P424S monopod and L10 head, ThinkTank Airport Commuter, processed in Lightroom CC. #WithMyTamron, #TamronImageMasters, #SiruiPro, #SiruiUSA, #ThinkTankPhoto, #MindShiftGear

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