Nikon vs. Canon…



Nikon vs. Canon…
This isn’t one of those Ford vs. Chevy, Nikon vs. Canon post where I will try and convince you on which one is better. Instead, it is a post to let you see, that if you practice good technique and learn your gear, the results are the pretty much the same. Both of these images were made using the Tamron SP 150-600mm Di VC USD G2 lens, both using the Sunny 16 rule for exposure (ISO 200, f16, shutter speed 1/200th of a second), both on a Sirui N3204X tripod with a PH20 Gimbal head. The Nikon is the D-500, the Canon the 7Dii. I often tell folks that ask me a recommendation for a new camera that with good technique, they are all good, buy the one that fits and feels great in your hand. If it doesn’t feel great, you won’t pick it up as often.
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2 Responses to “Nikon vs. Canon…”

  1. My sentiments exactly I use Nikon but when someone asked me for advice I tell them to go and handle the cameras to see what feels best for you. Back in the film days when autofocus came in and I needed the help because of my vision That’s is what I did and tried out the various brands and come to choose Nikon

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