“The Warning”


The Warning.
Sandhill Cranes are very vocal and territorial, especially when it comes to another crane landing any where near it. In this image a family is letting each and every crane know not to land in that spot. Yes, it repeats for each and every one of the thousand cranes as they land, and from each and every crane on the ground. Awesome sound though!
This is a typical crane family unit. You see the cranes on the left and right, they have bright red heads, they are the adults. The crane in the center is one of this year’s colts, the name for a Sandhill chick. They stay together through winter, then in spring, the adults will fly north to breed, the juveniles fly to areas known as bachelor groups to find a mate and then they go to breed in a territory they will establish.
Tamron SP 150-600mm Di VC USD G2 lens on a Canon 7Dii, Aperture Priority mode, f8, ISO 1600, +.7 stops of exposure compensation, shutter speed 1/125th of a second, Vibration Control active mode 1, Sirui N3204X tripod and PH20 gimbal head, processed in Lightroom CC. #WithMyTamron, #TamronImageMasters, #SiruiUSA

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