Major Drama at the Nest!





Major Drama at the Nest!
I went over to Berry College this morning to photograph the Eagles. I was hoping for some action, and I definitely got it. The images are not the best, the lighting was very poor. Dad brought in a coot for Mom. Mom ate a bit, Dad got some “fluff” for the nest. Then Mom let Dad eat some coot while she got some “fluff.” Mom flew out of the back of the nest and a few minutes later she appeared to be coming back, but it was an almost adult eagle and it surprised Dad. He jumped to the nearby branch and began calling to Mom. Mom had returned to her favorite branch and was launching as Dad flew away from the nest. Together they went into the nest to go after the other Eagle. It just wanted what was left of the coot, so it took off with speed to get away. Dad left in pursuit, then a minute or so later Mom followed.
The images are of the intruder surprising Dad, Dad calling to Mom, Dad meeting up with Mom in flight, then both of them going into the nest as the intruder fled. Awesome morning!
Tamron SP 150-600mm Di VC USD G2 lens on a Canon 7Dii, Manual Exposure mode, f8, ISO 2000, shutter speed of 1/400th of a second, Vibration Compensation active, processed in Lightroom CC. #WithMyTamron, #TamronImageMasters

2 Responses to “Major Drama at the Nest!”

  1. Wow, how exciting! Just a hungry kid. Wrong nest for food! Great shots!

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