It would be easy to get onto Facebook this morning and rant about the Election, it has been one of the most contentious in our history as a country. I stayed up to witness one of the biggest surprises in our electoral history until about 4 a.m. I can’t really say I am excited with the results, and I can’t say I am disappointed either, most Americans wanted a better candidate. I can say I am proud as an American that I participated in free choice to elect a leader of our country for the next 4 years, as did everyone who voted. Think about that for a minute. Right or wrong, we got to make a choice, something many people in this World don’t get to do. If our candidate didn’t win, or if we aren’t happy with the job our choice is doing, we can vote again in 4 years for someone else. I am proud of the simple fact that I am an American and one thing about our country that makes us so different is we choose our leaders and better yet, we witness the peaceful transfer of power from one party and one person to another. I know that by doing this it signifies our ability as a nation to work together, something that is needed to truly make a change. This election divided our country very badly, let us show the rest of the World, what made and makes us great as a country, Freedom.
As the new day dawns I am proud of being an American, regardless of who holds the office of President, Senator, or Representative, because I have Freedoms that other people only wish and dream about.
No negative comments please, there has been enough over the past few months.

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  1. and beautiful image as always

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