Nubble or Neddick, Same thing


Nubble or Neddick, Same thing.
The first lighthouse we visited on our trip to Maine was the Cape Neddick, aka Nubble Lighthouse. It was about 2 in the afternoon and definitely not in golden light or blue hour light. There was a nice cloud cover causing bright and even light. I knew the way to shoot it would be with a 10 stop ND filter. Since I wanted a wide depth of field, I chose to shoot at f16. I calculated my exposure simply by counting 10 exposures from when there was no filter on the lens, this is done since you can’t see through the filter nor can the meter accurately see, then made adjustments to get a 30 second exposure. I had to kick the ISO up to 200 to stay at 30 seconds. I wanted to stay at 30 seconds because the camera has a setting for 30 seconds and I also felt 1 minute at ISO 100 would cause too much “cotton candy” in the foreground and I would lose detail in the rocks.
Tamron SP 24-70mm f2.8 Di VC USD lens on a Canon 5Diii, Manual Exposure mode, f16, ISO 200, 30 seconds, Sirui W2204X tripod and K20X ballhead, Tiffen APEX XLE 10 stop ND filter, processed in Lightroom CC. #WithMyTamron, #TamronImageMasters, #SiruiUSA

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