Moraine Lake, First Light


Moraine Lake, First Light
I haven’t had much time to shoot new things this week with all the presentations that I have scheduled. What is has done for me is to get me to look back on older images and reminisce about great memories and places. Evelyn and I have made a couple trips to Banff and Jasper National Parks in Alberta, Canada. It is beyond words. On our last trip in 2008, way too long ago, we were there during longer days and shorter nights. I often went out photographed sunrise, came back to have breakfast with Evelyn, and then we would set out on day hikes. It was an incredible time in an incredible place. This was in Lake Louise at Moraine Lake at the “rock pile”. I had heard horror stories of the number of people that would gather for sunrise images, so I went out super early and eventually was rewarded with an incredible opportunity. Later after breakfast Evelyn and I returned to hike a trail just to the side of the rock pile to a series of lakes. It was a beautiful hike, but we noticed there weren’t many people hiking, which we thought was very unusual. Upon returning to the trailhead that afternoon, we saw a sign stating the trail had been closed shortly after we started our hike due to a Grizzly sow and cubs being active in the area. Hmmm, I could have had some really unusual company on the rock pile if they had arrived a little earlier….

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