Mount Rundle


Mount Rundle
I was looking back on some images from years ago, this one was 9 years ago, for my upcoming presentations to the Photographic Society of America next week and saw one of my favorite images and stories. Evelyn and I made our first trip to Banff National Park in Canada and I got up one morning to photograph the Vermillion Lakes. I of course got there before sunrise on a cold morning. It had snowed lightly, covering the peak of Mt. Rundle with fresh powder. Shortly after I had arrived, 2 vans with about 15 people doing a workshop arrived. As the sun began to warm the air up high, the fresh snow began to blow ever so slightly. I noticed the light beginning to hit the snow. I looked over at the workshop group and they were talking about polarizers, graduated neutral density filters but not watching the scene develop. Shame on the instructors, always look up and behind you. I quickly changed to a 70-200mm lens and began to zoom in and capture the light and snow.
I was able to capture about 5 images before the show ended. I could hear folks in the group saying “It must be a moose or something” but not really paying attention to what they were discussing. I was too happy with what I had gotten. You know when you have captured something wonderful. Finally as I was starting to relax one of the students came over and asked if I had captured a few pics of wildlife, since I had a longer lens on the camera. I said no and showed him the LCD screen. His chin hit his chest. He called over all the other folks to see. One person was so angry he missed it, he put his camera in his bag and got in the van. Within a minute the group packed up and left. I continued to shoot the lake feeling somewhat victorious that I had captured a unique image that morning.

2 Responses to “Mount Rundle”

  1. Stunning images and a great life lesson shared. It is not about the tools but willingness to see the spirit of what you are photographing.

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