Happy Birthday Bailey!


Happy Birthday Bailey!
Being a photographer, I carry a camera with me pretty much all the time. It isn’t always just to try and capture beautiful scenes and create images, sometimes it is just to record memories. One of those memories was Bailey coming into our family back in May of 2007. She used to live with our neighbor across the street and over 2 houses. They had fallen in love with our puppy, Lily, so they went to the same folks we got her and they adopted Lily’s half sister. Bailey has the same father, but a different mother than Lily did. Bailey came from the athletic side of the family. She used to jump and play in the backyard on a trampoline apparently. She specialized in escape and used to end up at our house to see her sister all the time. When the neighbors were moving they were going to an area that wouldn’t allow fences so they asked if Bailey could come to live with us. Of course we said yes. 9+ years and 2 knee surgeries later, most likely from her playing on the trampoline, she is still here with us celebrating her 11th birthday. She is such a sweet girl and wants nothing more or less than to be rubbed constantly. In return fills our hearts and lives with lots of joy.
Happy Birthday Bailey!

2 Responses to “Happy Birthday Bailey!”

  1. Happy Birthday to your wonderful Golden girl!! ❤

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