The Nikon D-500 has arrived!

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The Nikon D-500 has arrived!
I pre-ordered my Nikon D-500 months ago and it finally arrived on Tuesday. I have been really excited to shoot this camera because of all the hype it has been getting. I will say now, it lives up to the hype! I wanted a really fast focusing, high ISO with low noise camera, that could shoot for a long period without buffering. The D-500 will shoot 200 frames in RAW before it buffers. The D-500 is that and more! I have only done some limited testing so far but plan on being extremely familiar with it before I leave to go out west. The noise at 3200 ISO is better than anything I have shot previously at 800 ISO. I haven’t even tested the higher ISOs yet. I put the focusing on Zone, AF-C and the camera is lightning fast with the Tamron SP 150-600mm lens. This is going to be an incredible combination. On this day, it is the king of wildlife cameras. Canon, let’s see what you can do to dethrone it!
Tamron SP 150-600mm Di VC USD lens on a Nikon D-500, Manual Exposure Mode, f8, shutter speed of 1/1000 of a second, ISO 3200, Sirui P424S monopod and L10 head, processed in Lightroom CC. #WithMyTamron

2 Responses to “The Nikon D-500 has arrived!”

  1. Sounds like an awesome piece of gear!

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