Oh So Close…

GTNP 061614e copy

Oh so close…
I know I am going to inundate you with images of the Tetons in 2 weeks but I never get tired of looking at those majestic peaks. I have a friend that has been out there for a couple weeks teasing me with images and giving me reports of flowers and wildlife. I am ready to see the mountains that changed my life and set my course so many years ago. I feel like the Energizer Bunny when I am there, never getting tired, never slowing down. I think back to that first time I saw them in 1976 as a teen. I will warn everyone now, if you don’t want to see images of probably the most inspirational place on Earth to me, you may want to avoid me online in two weeks…
Tamron 16-300mm Di-II VC PZD lens on a Canon 7D, Aperture Priority Mode, f16, ISO 100, -1 stop exposure compensation, resulting in a shutter speed of 1/20th of a second, processed in Lightroom CC. #WithMyTamron

2 Responses to “Oh So Close…”

  1. There is nothing like Wyoming in the spring/early summer.
    For me it was the Bighorns. I was in those mountains when I was still in diapers. Backpacked there for the first time when I was four. They are in my blood.
    Thanks for the (stunning) reminder.

    (I will gladly NOT avoid you online….)

    • lilybug1960 Says:

      My friend said the bighorns were easily seen and photographed so far this year. I will let you know! Spring is my favorite time out there.

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