Happy Mother’s Day

Coneflower LBSF 062312a copy

Happy Mother’s Day.
I have posted this image before, actually every Mother’s Day. To me it reminds me of a Mother supporting her child, helping to push them forward but being there if they fall. The petals of the coneflower just look like they are embracing the smaller flower. My Mom was always there for me to help me dream and there if I fell. She always set a great example for me as I was growing up. My parents divorced when I was 17 or 18 and pretty much getting out on my own. I learned many lessons from my Mom. I also learned many lessons from my Stepmom, Kay. I learned lessons from her that have proved extremely valuable for me. I have two stepkids, and I hope that through the years I have been able to apply some of the lessons I learned from Kay. Kay has also been there to take care of my Father and it is very comforting to know he is always in good hands. Most folks are blessed with great Moms, in my case the plural is very true, my Mom taught me all she could, but there were things in life I would need that only Kay was able to teach me.
Thank you both. Mom I miss talking with you and showing you how much I have learned from you. Kay, thank you for being there form my Dad and especially for me to teach me the lessons of life as well. Happy Mother’s Day.

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