National Parks Night Skies Photography Workshops

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National Parks Night Skies Photography Workshops.
Yesterday I posted the link to the workshop series I will be participating in as one of the leaders, here is some more information. They are part of the 100th anniversary of the National Parks and meant to offer a different way to experience the parks. Not only are they in some of the greatest locations, Rocky Mountain NP, Yellowstone NP, Zion NP, and Acadia NP, but they are at a time when most folks are inside getting ready for the next day. At the 3 that I will be participating in, RMNP, ZNP, and Acadia NP, I will be joined by two great photographers and teachers, Ken Hubbard and Andre Costantini. In Yellowstone it will be my friend and fellow Tamron Image Master Kevin Gilligan, Ken Hubbard and Andre Costantini. Each workshop will have an evening lecture that will get you ready to shoot the night sky under a variety of techniques. Then we go out to 3 different locations in the parks for shooting, all night, then we will shoot sunrise the next morning followed by a wrap up session. That is a lot of learning and shooting! Did I mention that Tamron will have all their lenses there for you to shoot? Did I mention you will even get fed? Don’t forget coffee!
Night skies are a passion of mine as are the National Parks. I am honored and very excited to be a part of this great project. I am so excited to share the night skies of this beautiful Country with fellow photographers who have a passion to capture the stars like I do. Did I mention sunrise too? All I can say is Wow! Registration will start soon and they will post itineraries and hotel information as well. Did I also mention that the workshops are only $249? Of course airfare and lodging are on your own but this is incredible.
Here is the link again. Keep an eye on it for registration, probably starting around the 16th or so. I know I said it before, but I will say it again…WOW!

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