He Has Moved Away.

Eastern Bluebird 030316l copy

Spartacus 071215a copy

Spartacus 073015c copy

He has moved away.
I knew the day would come and this past weekend it did, Spartacus has moved away. He and the first brood left the area this past weekend. The parents had really been chasing them away from the yard more and more, signalling it was time. I saw them all Sunday morning but not since. The parents have started to bring in nesting material and that is a sign the others have gone. I know he will do well out there. I thought this morning he will surely try to find a location where there is a Golden Retriever to watch over he and his family. I remember looking out and seeing him looking out of the nestbox at Lily as she would sit and watch the house. She was fascinated by this little bird who wasn’t fearful of her and Lily would wag her tail whenever Spartacus appeared at the entrance. Where ever Spartacus is, Lily is surely smiling down on him.
The snow image was the last image I made of Spartacus. He had been eating snow. I guess it is finally time for me to sit and write that book about Spartacus and his time here in Bear Woods.

8 Responses to “He Has Moved Away.”

  1. Beautiful shots!

  2. A children’s book would be wonderful! I’ve always dreamed of writing one myself, since I used so many great ones in my years as a reading specialist! Combined with your photos, it would be a delightful project! Good luck!

    • lilybug1960 Says:

      Thanks. That’s what I am thinking as well. I already have talked with a few places as outlets for sales and they would like to see it as well.

  3. Fair winds and following seas Spartacus lol.

    • lilybug1960 Says:

      I am hoping he stays on our mountain and enjoys all we have up here.

      • Sounds like a perfect place for him. Ours have been coming back around a bit but no longer get really close to the back door. They just hang out on the very top of the roof.

  4. lilybug1960 Says:

    I had a pair that hung out for a while but didn’t build until I opened the nest box up and cleaned it out of the old nesting material. Within a day they were building!

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