Mesa Arch

Mesa Arch copy

Mesa Arch

There are few places as unique as Mesa Arch in Canyonlands NP. Some of my best memories of my photography career have happened at that arch. I remember shooting there for the first time with my Mentor John Shaw, and then the next year with Galen Rowell. I remember Galen running back and forth on top of the arch. I feared he would slip and fall 1400 feet. I was sort of responsible for him that morning. We started our workshop later that day and we wanted to shoot the arch again. I was told to make sure he makes it back. That was always a test with Galen, he lived life to the fullest and never slowed down. He didn’t fall, he even talked me into walking on top of the arch. He did make me give him my keys first though. I haven’t been back to the Mesa Arch since 1999, but all that will change this June. I for the first time will shoot it digitally as well. We are planning to arrive a couple hours before sunrise to ensure we get “the best spot”….


5 Responses to “Mesa Arch”

  1. Steve Fassio Says:

    I lived in Arizona from 1985 to 1991. The sunrises in Northern Arizona and Southern Utah were breathtaking. My best trip to that part of the world started in Moab and ended at The Grand Canyon. I want to go back again but this time Iwill concentrate on Bryce and Zion. I am so jealous you are returning this year.

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