Making the best of a snowy day

Bailey and the 3 Chairs 020916a copy

Making the best of a snowy day.
It was really pretty with the snow here the past two days. I know Bailey loved laying out in the cold snow by The 3 Chairs. It did make me sad for a while though. I think back on last year and years past that Lily was there to play in the snow with Bailey. As much as Bailey loved the snow, Lily was twice as excited. I could see Bailey looking for her companion to play. She and I wrestled around a little so she got to have some of her old fun.
Bailey is doing well adjusting to being an only dog. She never was before. The folks we got her from had a Beagle that was her other companion. She had Lily for 9 years to be with her. She is learning what it is to be “the” dog around the house. She goes through spells of needing constant attention but she is making it work. I can see she is still grieving but with each memory that passes, she will make the best of it. I love my Baileygirl.
Sony RX-100iii, Aperture Priority, f8, ISO 400, -0 stops of exposure compensation, resulting in a shutter speed of 1/400th of a second, handheld, processed in Lightroom CC.

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