Together We Make This Journey.


Together we make this journey.
When I posted the foggy road image on January 1, I never expected my trip into the new year to start being so rocky. With the loss of Lily 3 days later, our journey was foggy for us. When a loved one like a great pet like Lily passes suddenly it changes many plans and thoughts you have about what lies ahead. The thought that was farthest on my mind that day was it would be my last one with my shadow. We continue, that is what we do. I said that in my post and I had to read it and remind myself of it. Bailey is doing better but she still misses her sister. Evelyn and I have our moments. Coming home is always tough because Lily always welcomed us with a smile and often a toy. We will continue, it is what we do.
This image was made yesterday as Evelyn, Bailey and I hiked on Oglethorpe Mountain in the fog. It was a flat trail and we knew it would be good for Bailey to walk without bothering her legs and arthritis too much. It was a great hike for all of us. We got to hike and do some remembering. Thanks again for all the thoughts and prayers.

3 Responses to “Together We Make This Journey.”

  1. I’m so sorry you lost your Lily. I know how it hurts to lose a pet you love so much and who loved you so much, unconditionally. You guys take care and just do the best you can.

  2. Oh David and Evelyn, my heart weeps for your loss. This is a beautiful and loving tribute. Lily is always with you both — she is only a heartbeat, a tear away. Hugs and prayers………..

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