How it all began

Yellow Puppy

How it all began.
I feel that before I can stop doing daily post about Lily, I need to at least reminisce how it all began. When I first met Evelyn, she had a Golden Retriever named Shiloh. Shiloh was an incredible girl and quickly made me feel like part of the family. Shiloh was diagnosed with Cancer in September 2005. Shiloh was my first exposure to Golden Retrievers and I realized how much a dog can take hold of your heart, especially Goldens. I was so devastated when Shiloh passed that I couldn’t even look at another Golden without choking up. I told Evelyn, never again could I go through the hurt and pain.
One day not too long after that, Evelyn called me and said I needed to get on the Internet. She told me the sight, Sister Pups and I said I can’t do it. She said “please” in a tone a couldn’t say no. I did and she directed me to a page with the litter of Scout and Amber. She said, “just look”. I scanned the page and this image grabbed my heart. This was “Yellow Pup”. My heart melted and I knew she was there for me. Shiloh had sent her to help me understand we have large hearts and because we have a void in one part doesn’t mean you can’t fill another with the love and joy that another dog can bring. I called Evelyn and told her I couldn’t believe I was going to say this but “I needed Yellow Pup”. She said we can’t unless she had a name. I told her as soon as I saw her I knew her name was Lily. A Lily blooms and stands out in a garden, and this girl stood out for me. Ironically Bailey, our other Golden, was one of the other 22 puppies there. When our neighbor met Lily and their kids fell in love with her, they went and brought home a puppy. That puppy was Bailey, born to Scout and Molly. Bailey used to escape and come to our house all the time. When the neighbors were moving they asked us to take Bailey.
I had to work that weekend but Evelyn said she would go out there with her son Eric and if “Yellow Pup” was still there she would pick her up. She went out to Buchanan, GA to meet the Sister Pups. She called me and said, “you won’t believe it, there are 23 Golden puppies here”. I said, “either bring them all, or just “Yellow Pup”. That night I met my Lilybug for the first time. She immediately came to me and wanted to play. We gave her a bath that evening in the sink and dried her off. I laid on the couch with her on my chest sleeping. She had cemented her spot in my heart. Our bond only grew stronger as we aged together. She taught me, I taught her, we learned to communicate with each other. She was truly the best ever.
So when Lily passed, another void opened in my heart, right there beside Shiloh’s. I know there will be another one some day when Bailey passes. Shiloh and Lily have taught me that we don’t use enough of our hearts when we love. We should though. Part of your heart will always hurt, but it makes the other parts capable of loving that much more. Lily, your real name was Lily of the Mountain, but you had so many names with me and you answered to everyone, because you knew you were way too good a girl to just have one name. I will miss you but your spirit lives on in me forever. Roll in the grass with Shiloh, one day I promise I will join you for a good roll.
The image above was a screen shot from the website where we found our Lily.

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