Thank you all!


Thank you all!
Things are any easier really, but they are becoming more normal not seeing Lily’s face here everyday in the house. Evelyn and I can’t tell you enough how much your kind words of support and love have meant to us. We are able to talk about Lily to each other a little easier now. Many have asked about Bailey and how she is doing. She is doing well. Before I left with Lily to the Vet’s office, Bailey laid on the ground beside Lily when I was checking her out and she usually doesn’t do that. I believe she knew it was her sister’s time to leave us and was saying her goodbyes. Bailey has and always will be about the sweetest dog a person could ever want. Even though she was a rescue from 9 years ago, it seems she is showing us now who is rescuing whom. We know she does not have to fill Lily’s shadow, but keep making her own.
This image was one day when Eric was taking a test and Evelyn had driven him. Lily had to go too. I couldn’t help but giggle when I saw that even back then, Lily was in charge and more than just the navigator. It is still very tough to talk about my girl other than typing words. It will get easier, but that will take some time. I went and shot some images yesterday to help occupy my mind and will post some soon.
Thank you all again!

2 Responses to “Thank you all!”

  1. Mikki Root Dillon Says:

    David, I wish I could forward all the kind messages to you that I have received on my page. Some people don’t seem to realize that i was sharing your story, so they sent lovely messages to me, not realizing that they could read your whole story. I’m hereby mentally sending all their love and thoughts to you.

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