Welcome 2016!

Monument Road in Fog copy

Welcome 2016!
I used this image years ago for my New Year’s Day message, but it is so fitting I decided to use it again. Evelyn and I, along with the girls (our 2 Goldens and Sophie the German Shepard, who is visiting) made it to usher in the new year. Even at my recent induction into the double nickel (55) club, and Evelyn at her forever 36 years of age, we watched the ball drop at Times Square. I then looked out my back door and realized I will live a completely satisfying life if I never go to Times Square to see the ball drop. I would much rather watch the moon rise on my mountain.
This image is all about New Year’s. You are standing on January 1st, behind you is a road that is known. In front of you a road filled with uncertainty. The safe thing to do is to get out of the road or turn around and look for comfort in the past. That is not who we are though. We are going to go into the uncertain, not blindly without caution, but instead with our eyes open wide wanting to experience everything along the way. In doing so hopefully we put the past behind us. We learn from the bumps, curves and hills and do our best to avoid some in the future. We are so very excited about next year and every year after because it means we are alive and we will embrace life.
Evelyn, myself, Lily, Bailey and today even Sophie want to wish each and everyone a Happy New Year. Let’s make this year a peaceful one.

2 Responses to “Welcome 2016!”

  1. Happy New Year! I too have no desire to be in Times Square on NYE. Hope 2016 is the best yet…

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