A Change from Georgia

White Sands 112115zb copy

A Change from Georgia.
We have been on a stream of moisture from the El Nino for about a week and will be for a few more days. I know by the end of it we will have received well over 10 inches in a week. We can always use rain, but a little sunshine and some actual winter temps would be nice.
An image for helping to imagine drier conditions….
I can not say enough great words to describe my experience with the Tamron SP 35mm f1.8 Di VC USD lens in White Sands National Monument. One thing I really liked was the close focusing capabilities. With a minimum focusing distance of less than 8 inches, I am able to capture great detail in small grains of sand while still capturing detail in the distance as well. That is my style often in landscape photography, using a wide angle lens to decompress the scene while maintaining sharpness and detail throughout the image.
Tamron SP 35mm f1.8 Di VC USD lens on a Nikon D-800, Manual Mode, f16, Spot metered on sand for exposure, ISO 100, resulting in a shutter speed of 1/80th of a second, Sirui R4214X tripod and K40X ballhead, Lowepro Flipside 500AW photo backpack, Peak Design Slide strap, processed in Lightroom CC.

2 Responses to “A Change from Georgia”

  1. I noticed that you used spot metering. What was the advantage of using this metering versus the other options with this image? Nice image, by the way.

    • lilybug1960 Says:

      With spot metering I am able to isolate one factor, the most important one in this case, and expose for it. Thanks!

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