Leading the Herd

Leading the horses out to pasture 091010a copy

Leading the Herd.
Today is the last of my images I post for the challenge of posting a favorite image a day for 7 days. This is one of my all time favorite images. Evelyn and I went out to the Triangle X ranch in Moose, WY to ride back in 2010. Every evening and most mornings we went out and shot the horses going out to the pasture or returning. This particular image just “happened” as I shot one evening. As the first group of horses came down the path, there was a gap to the second group. This white horse was out front and gave me a great opportunity to zoom in with my Tamron 200-500mm lens and capture the scene. I have been back to the ranch on many occasions to shoot but never been able to come close to duplicating this image. If you like to ride and want to see some great scenery, as well as make some lifelong friends, go to the Triangle X sometime.
Today, I am going against my own earlier rule by nominating someone to the challenge. I realized in a conversation yesterday that my friend and co-leader of workshops, Cecil Holmes, has escaped participating in the challenge. I therefore nominate Cecil to post 7 images, one per day, of his favorite nature images. For those of you that haven’t seen Cecil’s work, put on your seat belt, it is “fixin to get real” as we say here in the South.

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