Sparks Lane 4 copy

I was asked to do a presentation in the near future on “Minimalism” but have a prior commitment that will prevent me from doing it. I really would love to do this presentation as it is one of my favorite rules in composing an image. Rod Planck, an absolutely incredible photographer and teacher, used to say “A photo is worth a thousand words, but if you use more than a short sentence you are confusing the viewer.” What a great way to think about it! If you aren’t familiar with Rod or his work, you need to find out more about him. His images are well known but not so much his name to a lot of folks. One of the funniest, most talented photographers out there.
This was an image I did on my “pink filter day” years ago in the Great Smoky Mountains. This is Sparks Lane, as many people know. One of, if not the most photographed location in the park.
My challenge to everyone today or in the near future is to take your favorite lens and put it away. Take out a lens that you feel awkward using and photograph something that you love shooting with your favorite lens. An example would be to do a macro image with a wide angle lens. Have fun.

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