Alligators copy

This is another image from my archives that I am posting in response to the challenge of posting some of my favorite nature images. It is not saying I don’t like anything I have shot recently, but instead looking back at some of the images that I was inspired to create and that kept me going in this business. This image is of roughly 30 alligators at the St. Augustine Alligator Farm and Zoological Park. I had gone with a good friend the week before and while there was asked to do a few images for some possible advertising. I was asked to photograph the different sizes of alligators that were at the farm. I decided to keep continuity by shooting down on the gators. I had done it with newly hatched and some that were about 18 inches long. These are fully grown adults so I had to get up higher. They had a bucket truck there for some work they were doing and suspended me above the gators. I think the gators are rooting for the bucket truck to fail…
Today’s challenge to you is to identify something you have a fear of and would love to photograph it. Make a plan and hopefully do it. I am fearful of spiders but love to photograph them. I like to use a good long macro lens for spiders. I am hoping that a lens around 1200mm with macro capabilities will be released by Tamron soon….
Speaking of Tamron, they have extended their incredible rebates on the 16-300mm Di-II VC PZD lens and the 150-600mm Di VC USD lens until December 24, 2015. Two great lenses at incredible pricing!

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