Pink Sky and Tree

Tree from Hyatt Lane 3 Reversed copy

Pink Sky and Tree
I had a little time this afternoon and I needed to relax my mind a little. I decided to work a little on the challenge of posting some of my favorite images. I am digging back to about 1995 for this one. I played with a Pink Graduated Filter a few times and loved the effect with fog that it had. This is on Hyatt Lane in the Smokies, but don’t rush up there to get this image, the tree has long since died and has fallen. It should be compost by now.
I don’t usually post much about my personal life but I will this time because it has been dominating my thoughts for a few days. My Dad, the Gunny, has been ill and it required him being admitted to the hospital this morning. He will spend a night or so there and then return home. I was able to make the trip over and visit for a while and look forward to many more visits in the future. His visit so far has been very productive and he is feeling much better. It was he who started me on this journey of photography many, many years ago and his influence keeps me pursuing it. Thoughts and prayers for the Gunny are always appreciated as well as Kay who has been my Dad’s rock as well as keeping us posted(for over 30 years now, thank you Kay).
For those who want a challenge today…go out and breathe in nature. Breathe in the fog, or rain, or snow, or sunshine. Tell me what it is like to you. For me this morning left in a thick cold fog on the mountain. It smelled like a cool breeze from the woods far away. I could smell the oaks and the pines as they were whisked from down below in the valley.

6 Responses to “Pink Sky and Tree”

  1. Beautiful photo, David, and I’m sending much positive healing energy to your dad. I did get outside today, and took many deep breaths – it was almost 60 up here in Connecticut, which is highly unusual for mid-December. It feels more like September!!

  2. All the best for your dad!

  3. Best wishes for your Dad’s quick recovery!

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