Happy Thanksgiving 2015



Happy Thanksgiving 2015.
Here in the U.S. we take a day to give thanks for all we have. In the stories of the early Thanksgivings, an emphasis was placed on not simply what was on the table to feast on, but who was there with you to enjoy he day. Today, when it seems too many are simply eating a big meal to build up energy to go stand in line this evening to spend money, I want to simply say thanks for what I have. For in reality, it is all I need.
First and foremost I have to say thanks to Evelyn. Simply put, she is all my heart could desire and has been the greatest thing in my life. She has answered every challenge in life and still made the time to help others. Angels do roam the Earth. She helps me take care of the other little loves of my life, our girls, Lily and Bailey. The two of them help keep me grounded and make me realize there is no greater place then home.
I want to thank my partner in the workshop business and friend Cecil Holmes for all the effort he puts forth to make our business succeed. Tom Tingle, who when I made a decision to get back into the workshop business years ago, went above and beyond friendship and made so much of this happen. Those sponsors who have been there for me and supported our efforts so much. Tamron, I can’t say thank you enough for the great people and opportunities. Sirui tripods, thank you for all you do. Marty, get better, see you in January. Lowepro, Peak Design, BlackRapid, so many more, thank you for helping to put food on our table. Thank you to each and every person who views, likes and comments on images I post. It is always a source of encouragement.
Most of all, thank God for the Creation he has given us, and thank you for giving me the vision to see and appreciate the World around us. Give thanks for what you have and especially for those you have in your life. Thank your family, your friends, your neighbors, your community, and even the stranger you meet, for they might just need a thanks to get them through the day.
Happy Thanksgiving from Bear Woods and our family.


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