Red-tailed Hawk

Red Tail Hawk 102415k copy

Red Tail Hawk 102415j copy

Red Tail Hawk 102415e copy

Red-tailed Hawk

Beside just the feeling of doing something good for the community at the picnic Saturday, photographing the hawks was awesome. I look at photographing captive or in this case working hawks as a way to not only get incredible images but to hone my skills. I use it a time to learn behavior as well. Watching the hawks as they scan the area for mice, squirrels and the other hawks flying over is really interesting. I can’t emphasize enough going and getting involved in your community, the benefits are fantastic.

On a side note, I am thinking about organizing a workshop with these hawks and their handlers. If you are interested let me know. I have spoken with the falconers and they are interested in doing it.

All three images were made using the Tamron SP 150-600mm Di vC USD lens on a Nikon D7200, Aperture Priority, f8, ISO 1600, variable shutter speeds, Sirui P204s monopod with L10 head, Peak Design Slide strap, Lowepro photo backpack, processed in Lightroom CC.


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