Deer and Bear food.

Acorns 100515a copy

Deer and Bear food.

The oak trees here in Bear Woods are dropping their acorns like crazy and of course the wildlife are loving it. The squirrels are gathering the nuts, chipmunks filling their cheeks, and of course the deer and bear are getting their fill. We have seen lots of deer in the woods over the past week and I saw one bear on the road two days ago while Evelyn watched one lumber in front of the house across the driveway. Everyone is getting their fill. This is a strong crop of acorns this year. The fall colors are moving in really well too. I have several oaks that are getting spotty color as well as a few hickory trees. And yes, I did arrange the leaves and the acorns to suit my compositional needs.

Tamron 18-200mm Di-III VC lens on a Sony a7R, Aperture Priority, f16, -0 stops of exposure compensation, ISO 100, resulting in a shutter speed of 1/15th of a second, Sirui W2204 tripod and G20X ballhead, Peak Design Leash, Lowepro photo backpacks, processed in Lightroom CC.


2 Responses to “Deer and Bear food.”

  1. I really like that you chose leaves that were not “perfect”. The torn leaf in the middle really brings home fall.

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