Waterlogged vs Waterproof

Waterlogged vs. Waterproof

It has been raining or misty for 5 days now, going on 6. I don’t mind it though, sort of anyway. We depend on rain to keep our water supply 750 feet down filled, and it keeps everything saturated. I even get to shoot some rain drops with mosquitoes in them! Look closely at the rain drop on the bottom left side of the frame. It is pretty waterlogged up here.

As for waterproof…I have been waiting to get one of the Sirui Waterproof “W” series tripods for a little while now. I shoot a lot in water, sand, dirt, and dust. A combination of these things, especially left without treating, can and will damage your tripod. The new “W” series tripods use the latest technologies to keep the elements out of the critical parts of the tripod. I decided on the new W2204 tripod with a G20X ballhead on it. My teaching partner Cecil Holmes and I decided we would both get one before our visit to the Forgotten Coast in Florida. What a better place to put it through the ringers! So far it has handled the waterlogged conditions up here in Bear Woods. It folds up nice and compact as well for travel, which is always important.

Tamron SP 180mm f3.5 Di 1:1 Macro lens on a Sony a7R via the Novoflex adapter, Aperture Priority, f5.6, -.3 stops of exposure compensation, ISO 800, resulting in a shutter speed of 1/13th of a second, Sirui W2204 tripod and G20X ballhead, Peak Design Leash, Lowepro photo backpack, processed in Lightroom CC.

Spiderweb 092915a copy


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