A close look at the business end.

A close look at the business end.

Not the business end of photography, but the business end of a Tobacco Hornworm. The “horn” on the other end is very harmless and won’t sting you. It is for show to scare away predators. This is the end that does some work. Let me just say, I leave them on the plants as they are probably a necessary part of our ecosystem. Plus Evelyn planted extra just in case we had some visit us this year. The things that fascinate me are when it goes into it’s “defensive” posture, it closes up and the head has menacing eyes and teeth. If I was a predator, I would think twice about attacking it! The idea behind it is that since it is so harmless, physically, it needs to look like it could mess up your day. Of course that is an official scientific term.

Tamron SP 90mm f2.8 Di VC USD 1:1 Macro lens on a Canon 7Dii, Aperture Priority, f22, -0 stops of exposure compensation, ISO 800, resulting in a shutter speed of 1/10th of a second, Marumi Achromat Close Up Diopter +3 strength, Sirui R4214X tripod and K40X ballhead, Peak Design Leash, Lowepro photo backpack, processed in Lightroom CC.

Tobacco Hornworm 092415a copy


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