An Eating Machine!

An Eating Machine!

The Tobacco Hornworm has finished it’s reign of terror in the garden finally. It consumed several cherry tomatoes and about a third of that plant. Why didn’t we eliminate it? We didn’t need to or have the desire to do so. Evelyn planned to plant extra because she, like I feel that every creature in nature plays an important role. The hornworm actually prunes some of the plants back and there is actually new growth where it ate earlier. The loss of part of a plant is fine. All the insects like these play an integral part of the cycle. Not many will survive to become moths, many will become bird food, some will continue the species. I really don’t want to be the one who decides the last hornworm should die when we find out they ended up being great for our gardens and the environment. Mother Nature does a better job at regulating itself the we ever could.

Tamron SP180mm f3.5 Di 1:1 Macro lens on a Nikon D7200, Aperture Priority, f4, -0 stops of exposure compensation, ISO 200, resulting in a shutter speed of 1/2000th of a second, Sirui R4214X tripod and K40X ballhead, Peak Design Leash, Lowepro Flipside 500AW backpack, processed in Lightroom CC.

Tobacco Hornworm 082215a copy


2 Responses to “An Eating Machine!”

  1. Lovely macro image. Also like your view that creatures such as this should be cherished, not destroyed.

  2. lilybug1960 Says:

    We humans have sent so many creatures to extinction thinking we knew better. One that comes to mind was the Carrier Pigeon, once abundant now extinct all within a short period of time. Thanks!

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