Mixed Emotions

Mixed emotions.

Today, I have mixed emotions. I am super happy at the progress Spartacus is making. He looks like a Bluebird and will hopefully fledge in the next week. I will not be sad at him fledging, that is what the goal was when I found him on the ground. I do hope that he will return to the yard and feeders so I can see him grow. If not, I am fine with that.

All the joy I feel about that though is challenged with the sadness I feel at the loss of 4 brother Marines in Chattanooga yesterday. This is not a political statement and I won’t allow it to become one. What has happened to our World? 4 Marines gunned down at a Reserve Center this week, 9 people killed in a Church in Charleston recently after praying with their killer, this isn’t about gun laws or politics, it is about hate. Hatred exist because we allow the ignorance to thrive in our hearts. I think often about the Native American proverb that goes something like this: In our hearts their are two wolves, one is hate and one is love. The one that will win out is the one we feed.

I choose to feed love. I choose to make a difference when I can. I will take a Bluebird near death and do what I can to help it live and thrive. Why? Because I can help. I will not feed the hate that is so abundant now in this world. Do something good today, feed love not hate. Don’t get sucked into the arguments, that is feeding the hate. Smile at a stranger. Pick up a piece of litter. Just do one good deed today, make it contagious.

Long live Spartacus. Something good can come out of the bad.

Spartacus 071715a copy


2 Responses to “Mixed Emotions”

  1. Mikki Root Dillon Says:

    Thank you, David, for your thoughtful comments today. They hit home because I am feeling very bad thoughts with all that has been happening. You have reminded me that I should turn that around and think love instead of hate…and that was what was happening to me in light of the recent events, plus the ones earlier. Having seen a program about the treatment of women and girls abducted by ISIS, I was having a very hard time with my feelings. Thank you for setting me on the right track to do my part to promote love. I will do what I can to work on that today and going forward.

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