I am Spartacus. This is my story.

I am Spartacus. This is my story.

I am an Eastern Bluebird, Sialia sialis. I live high in the mountains. I was born just over 10 days ago. I was one of 5. My memory isn’t clear as to what happened but as best as I can recall, here is my story.

My siblings and I slept one night when an intruder, a serpent, entered our house. I don’t remember if I crawled out or if I was pushed out of the house to the ground below and under some grasses and a branch. I saw a light and heard noises, the light and it’s holder chased off the serpent. I lay on the ground hidden and scared. When day broke the next morning, I was very cold and almost lifeless. I could hear my parents call but I could not answer, I was too weak. They flew off and returned several times but I couldn’t call to them. I had almost given up.

As I lay on the ground, I could see a large figure, much larger than my parents at my house. I had seen him before when it was hot and we sat at the opening to get cool air. He looked down and saw me, he probably thought I was dead because I couldn’t move or call. He spoke softly as he picked me up. He didn’t speak the song of my people but it was still comforting. I gathered all of my last strength and sang to him. He spoke back to me and cupped me in his hands. He had no feathers like my people but warmth was still there. He continued to speak to me as he did some things in my house. He placed me inside and I wandered off to sleep. The house was warm and it helped me rest. The figure checked on me several times. I wasn’t scared of him, so I just slept. I could hear my parents come to the house and call but I couldn’t answer, I was weak and hungry. When I woke I heard my mom. She called. With that rest and warmth, I had enough energy to answer. She came in and fed me. She left and returned often with food. I ate and slept.

It was getting dark outside, I was scared the serpent would return, but I had to be strong and survive. When I woke the next day, mom was there with food. Lots of food for me. I had not seen my dad since the day before and feared he may have been taken by the serpent later. All of a sudden I heard dad calling as he landed on the top of our house. I sang out to him! He brought me food. He would leave and return moments later with lots of food. My body needed food to get my strength back. The figure returned again that day. I am not scared of him, he helped me by putting me in the house. He has had another figure with him sometimes, she reminds me of my mom. She talks softly to me and I know she is helping me as well.

Two nights have passed since the serpent took my siblings. I am growing strong with each passing minute. I don’t understand the song of the figures that appear, but they repeat the song “Spartacus”, that appears to be my name. The figure repeats the words “survivor” and “strength”. I am stronger now, and I will survive for…


Spartacus 071215a copy


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