Creating a visual path

Creating a visual path.

I teach a lot of class and do a lot of lectures about composition in photography. The technical side of photography is something that is much easier for most to comprehend. If it is dark, it is underexposed, if it is light it is overexposed, if it is out of focus…well it is out of focus. With composition it is often believed either you see it, or you don’t. I believe the eye can be trained to see, often though, it takes “talking” yourself through the image. Step away from the camera, ask yourself what you want to see, then look through the viewfinder. If there is more information then you need to recompose the image to limit what you described. Study other people’s images and verbalize what you see as well. The eye can be trained, it just needs to learn what it is it needs to see.

Tamron SP 90mm f2.8 Di VC USD 1:1 Macro lens on a Canon 70D, Aperture Priority, f5.6, -0 stops of exposure compensation, ISO 100, resulting in a shutter speed of 1/20th of a second, Sirui R4214X tripod and K40X ballhead, Peak Design Leash, processed in Lightroom CC.

Coneflowers 062815a copy


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