It was their day to fly…

It was their day to fly.

I knew yesterday morning that the Eastern Bluebirds would be leaving that day. It had been about 17 days since they hatched, and they were exercising their wings vigorously the day before. They were sticking their heads out more to meet the parents for food. They would actually gather at the “door” and watch me walk around the yard. They had become alert and I knew it was time. Fortunately all went well with the fledging and they are still in a group of trees beside the house. Their tail feathers still have some developing to do before they make those flights with the parents. I cleaned the nest box out after they left. Their were 4 that fledged, one egg didn’t hatch. I know in a couple of weeks they will begin work on another brood. I will have their “digs” ready for them!

Tamron SP 150-600mm Di VC USD lens on a Nikon D-800, Aperture Priority, f8, +.3 stops of exposure compensation, ISO 3200, resulting in a shutter speed of 1/125th of a second, Sirui T2205x tripod and G20x ballhead, Peak Design Leash strap, processed in Lightroom CC.

Eastern Bluebird 052715a copy

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