Some Osprey are nesting on a nearby lake and I decided to go out and do a few images yesterday afternoon. A friend gave some great detailed information on how to get to a good shooting vantage without much disruption to the pair. The less stress the better. The Osprey seemed fine with my presence, but I did stay at a good distance from the lake and behind cover. As I walked up, they were feeding. I am not sure if there are young in the nest or just eggs at this point so I will give it a week or so more before I go back out.

It was the perfect opportunity to get the field testing done of my new monopod; the Sirui P204s. The monopod is absolutely perfect for birds in the field. I set the base to being able to tilt about 20%, and adjusted the tension of tilt so it would offer a little resistance. I then released the grip so I could pan left to right as the birds flew by. The great thing about Ospreys is that they tend to hover a little and give you great opportunities to shoot. The addition of the Sirui P204s is something that has been lacking from my bag and is a welcome addition.

Tamron SP 150-600mm Di VC USD lens on a Canon 70D, Aperture Priority, f8, -.7 stops of exposure compensation, ISO 800, resulting in a shutter speed of 1/500th of a second, Vibration Compensation active, Sirui P204s Monopod, Peak Design Leash, processed in Lightroom CC.

Osprey 052115k copy


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