Falls on Wildcat Creek

Falls on Wildcat Creek.

I spent a little time last night working on a few images from my camping/fishing trip with the in-laws. We really did have a lot of fun, the company is always great. Our campsite resident Whip-poor-will started the “dawn song” of birds at 5:45 a.m., it actually was very nice. Our dawn song at home doesn’t include the whip-poor-will, so the variation was nice. In case you wondered, yes, I limited out on fish each day! My brothers and I have been fishing the streams of N. Georgia since the 70s and I must admit, we do pretty good. I enjoy eating some great trout and sharing some time with great folks.

This is a new attempt at an image for me. It is 362 seconds long! I used a new filter from Tiffen that is designed solely for long exposures. It is an XLE (Extra Long Exposure) and eliminates some of the IR in the image as well. Simply using a Circular Polarizer at this time of day, which was about 11a.m., would have only yielded about 1/20th of a second. I wanted to capture nice flowing water. It really turned out well in my opinion. I even had a fisherman walk into the frame for about 30 seconds or so, but since he was moving and the exposure was so long, he didn’t show up in the image.

Tamron 16-300mm Di-II VC PZD Macro lens on a Canon 70D, Bulb Mode, 362 seconds, f11, ISO 100, calculated the exposure to be -1 stop, Tiffen XLE APEX filter, Sirui T2205X tripod and G20X ballhead, Peak Design Leash strap, processed in Lightroom CC.

Falls on Wildcat Creek APEX 051715 copy


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