A regal Eagle indeed!

A regal Eagle indeed.

This is Ma Berry as the locals call her. She and Pa have fledged their 3rd set of eaglets from the nest at Berry College. Not smoothly, but fledged. One of the eaglets broke a branch and dropped to a branch below the nest on Saturday. It had trouble getting back up to the nest, so it fledged on Sunday. It is hanging out in wooded areas nearby. The other eaglet fledged the other day more in a text book manner. Either way both are fine and will be in the area learning new skills for another couple of weeks. I might try and get back over at least one more time.

My efforts this weekend are going to be drowning “Panther Martins” (a fishing lure) in a North Georgia stream. I may not be able to post on Saturday, so bear with me for a day!

Tamron SP 150-600mm Di VC USD lens on a Canon 7D, Aperture Priority, f8, -.7 stops of exposure compensation, ISO 800, resulting in a shutter speed of 1/1600th of a second, handheld utilizing the VC feature of the lens, Peak Design Slide strap for added stability, processed in Lightroom CC.

Ma Berry 051115l copy


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