Light Reflections on Tremont.

Light Reflections on Tremont.

I returned last night from my portion of the Nature in Focus Photography Workshops event in the Smoky Mountains. I have a family commitment that wouldn’t allow me to be there for the entire event. The conditions have been beautiful and the participants are getting a full range of subjects and conditions. Friday morning we spent doing some shooting along Tremont. The sky was clear so we had to find areas of shade and work fast. One of the participants found a great spot where he was shooting in the shade but the river was reflecting light striking the trees behind it. After he showed me, I asked if he minded me climbing down and doing my interpretation. He was fine with it and I went down and snapped a few images. By the time I got down to the spot, light was striking some of the area in the foreground as well. I thought it added a little to the image.

Tamron SP 24-70mm f2.8 Di VC USD lens on a Nikon D-800, Aperture Priority, f16, -1 stop of exposure compensation, ISO 100, resulting in a shutter speed of 1/2 second, Marumi Circular Polarizer set to minimum setting to selectively reduce glare, Sirui T2205X tripod and K40X ballhead, processed in Lightroom CC.

Tremont 042415a copy


2 Responses to “Light Reflections on Tremont.”

  1. Beautiful image! Thanks for sharing it inspires me to write something!

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