All the rain…

All the rain.

This will start as a rant so get ready. Yesterday I was looking at images on Facebook, specifically on a page where the group is for nature photographers to share images and information with each other. You can also have a critique done of your work, but I don’t offer suggestions or opinions as to doing something different unless asked. A photographer, who will remain nameless, posted an image of one of Georgia’s most visited waterfalls. When asked where it was his response was: “This one is off the beaten path, working on something with a buddy of mine. Where this and many more will be available with detailed information to find these beautiful places. I will post that information as soon as possible. Hoping for May 1st.” My issue is this: 1. Don’t post it on a page where it is all about sharing information. 2.Be honest, it is not off the beaten path, there is a gravel road with a sign to direct you to it. 3. On the be honest part, don’t say you are working on something with a buddy and all this will be available soon, but when challenged later say you don’t want people trashing it.

I buy a lot of photography books. I like to look at images and if they will guide me to a place where I can shoot, even better. I challenged the photographer to explain because he said I was making assumptions. He never did explain, he even told someone he would send them a message, leading me and them to believe he would let them know where it was. Instead the message was a simple note that had no information beyond determining that they were a photographer. After calling me rude, he said I didn’t even offer any constructive criticism. See above, remember it is not my place unless asked. I did offer some after he asked. He then said I don’t offer any help. I asked him to check out what I do with a daily post offering tips and locations. Oops, someone made an assumption. Long story short, the photographer had an opportunity to simply say, “Hey I am working on a book or guide and it will be out in May”, but they didn’t instead they made it sound like they were keeping the location safe. I am going to take his explanation, for now, at face value and hope he was just watching out for a location. If I see them post later about a book, I will remind him of his explanation.

Why does it bother me so much? Be honest, be open, help each other to learn and care about where we shoot. I will always be open and forthright about an image and give you all the information I can. Why? Because I want to see that image done to it’s best. Maybe I did it, but I know someone can do better. By the way, the image today is in my backyard after the massive storm yesterday.

Tamron 16-300mm Di-II VC PZD lens on a Canon 7D, Aperture Priority, f16, -.7 stops of exposure compensation, ISO 100, resulting in a shutter speed of 1.3 seconds, Marumi Circular Polarizer for reducing glare and increasing saturation, Sirui T2205X tripod and K40X ballhead, processed in Lightroom 5.

Backyard Creek 041915i copy


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