The legend of the Dogwood

The legend of the Dogwood.

I posted this last year but thought is was worth repeating. The Dogwood tree holds a place in the Christian religion which many people don’t know. Southerners seem to know or hear it more probably because of the timing of the blooms each spring around Easter.

The dogwood tree was said to be the tree that was used in the Crucifixion. It was said God made sure the tree would never grow tall enough or straight enough to ever be used as a Cross again. The blossoms of the tree represent Christ’s hands and feet with the nail holes being the darker tips of the flowers. Having grown up Catholic we heard the story many times and I have always had a special appreciation for the Dogwood tree and it’s blossoms.

I would like to wish my Christian friends a Happy Easter and to my friends of the Jewish faith a good Pesach or Passover during the next 8 days, which is when they celebrate their freedom from slavery in Egypt.

Dogwood Blossom 041714c copy


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